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We deliver robust, high performance mobile apps quickly and competitively. From concept to screen using best practices, code patterns and latest tools to produce proven world class mobile applications.

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Xamarin Developers

Need a Xamarin pro? Collaborate with us, our experts can work alongside your team in-house, or remotely, flexible terms to suit your project.

Xamarin Developers

Xamarin Dedicated Development Services

Xamarin Fast Track Training

We offer a suite of one day Xamarin training courses for experienced developers. Our courses provide the building blocks to get you up to speed, developing mobile applications in one day.

Xamarin Training Courses

Xamarin Fast Track Training

Xamarin Consulting

Save costs, mitigate technical issues and ensure on-time delivery with a Datadruid Xamarin Consulting expert. 4 consulting options available from 1 day+.

Xamarin Consulting

Xamarin Consulting

Xamarin Platform

Mobile Applications built with Xamarin look and feel the same as those written in Objective-C, Swift or Java because when delivered to each mobile device, they are delivered as if they were written in iOS, Swift or Java...

Except they are written in C#, which is the best language for mobile app development, anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift or Java you can do in C# and with Xamarin, there is no native API or device feature you can’t access.

Integrated into Visual Studio, the developer has access to all the productivity tools you would normally find in Visual Studio.

  • Strong Typing
  • Code completion
  • Lambda notation
  • Generics
  • Asynchronous methods
  • Increased type inference

Share an average of 75% of your code between platforms, incorporate high-quality components through NuGet and the Xamarin component store.

The Xamarin platform can be used to build applications for Apple Mac, iPhone, IPad, Apple Watch, Android Phone, Android Tablets, Android Wearables, Google Glass, Microsoft Band, Windows Phone, Windows Store and Windows RT.

Write it in C# and publish to 2.7 billion devices (and counting…)

Xamarin Platform

Xamarin Forms

Regarded by our developers as one of the most significant and exciting technological developments since the iPhone itself. Xamarin Forms enables an increase of code sharing to 90%...

Resources such as images, sounds and translations can be shared across platforms, navigation is centralised, except for when you want it to be platform specific.

Each mobile application is native to the destination device, challenges such as screen resolution have been addressed and common controls are abstracted to a single control. The UI can be coded or created using XAML.

A Single Xamarin Forms solution can build for iPhone, IPad, Android Phone, Android Tablets, Android Wearables, Microsoft Band, Windows Phone, Windows Store and Windows RT.

Datadruid can show you how to maximise the potential of Xamarin Forms.

Xamarin Forms

Xamarin Insights

Today’s users demand apps that work seamlessly regardless of which phone or tablet they are using. A clunky app is seldom used and eventually discarded...

Improve your app with real-time monitoring, you can track crashes and exceptions and understand what is happening with live users. You get precise and detailed error reporting so you can understand what is happening on the users device and what is required to do to prevent it from reoccurring.

Insight data can be integrated with popular project management tools:

  • Campfire
  • GitHub
  • HipChat
  • Jira
  • PivotalTracker
  • Visual Studio Online

Easily see the devices being used, and what issues are being experienced, what they were doing and what went wrong.

Datadruid show you how to implement and integrate Xamarin Insights into your mobile application and integrate results into your development lifecycle.

Xamarin Insights

Xamarin Test Cloud

Datadruid Development Consultants help you set up an automated build and test framework essential to developing in an agile environment...

Agile development practices demand rapid delivery of useful, working software. In the development cycle, test driven development ensures software that is robust to change.

Xamarin Calabash automates the testing of any iOS or Android app from UI level down, Jenkins CI TeamCity and Team Foundation Build Continuous Integration servers enables you to create a cross platform automated build environment.

Uploading your test suite to the Xamarin Test Cloud exploits a powerful testing framework where your application can be tested on over 1,000 real devices on the cloud. Delivering a detailed report containing screenshots, performance metrics and test results.

  • Interact as users do
  • Use any device feature
  • Use tools .Net developers know and love
  • Analyse app performance
  • Test continuously
Xamarin Insights